Architectural Window Glass Stain & Scratch Removal Products

Presto offers a complete line of restoration, protection, and cleaning products for architectural glass surfaces.

Our products are primarily designed for the architectural restoration of commercial buildings; however, these products can be used in the residential, automotive, and artistic industries. The products will function as described for virtually any type of glass surface. High rise architectural materials are exposed to extreme conditions, and require high performance products, especially when considering protective treatments.  Since our product line was designed with these conditions in mind, we have taken great pains in order to ensure that our products are the highest performing products and materials available.

Windows on commercial buildings get severely stained due to various environmental conditions. Click here to learn about how and why architectural glass gets stained. The conditions that the architectural glass is subjected to can lead to surface damage, effectively etching the glass material. This often prevents the glass from being cleaned or restored by conventional means.

 When glass has experienced corrosion, often referred to "stage 2 corrosion" the glass must be resurfaced in order to effectively remove the damage. We have developed a system to effectively sand down the surface of the glass, removing the stains, and renewing a highly polished surface. Presto's Glass ReSurfacer System is specifically designed for this type of application. After performing glass restoration, a high performance protective treatment should be installed, creating a polymeric barrier on the new glass surface. This barrier will help prevent future damage.

The Glass Defender Series is a combination of products designed for the protection of architectural glass surfaces. The polymers in the Glass Defender Series are high performance hybrid silicone materials. These materials are partially inorganic, and will not easily break down due to UV degredation. Typical glass protective treatments, on the other hand, consist of organic polymers that quickly break down when exposed to UV degredation. The polymers in our protective treatments cure, bonding to the glass surface, where they will remain almost indefinetally; unless abraded away by abrasive products. Once the glass surface is restored and protected, it should be routinely cleaned with products that are designed not to damage the protective treatment, or contribute to future staining on the glass or surrounding architectural surfaces.

 While the Glass Defender Series is extremely durable, and can withstand common window cleaning detergents, soaps and chemicals, not every cleaning material has been tested in order to confirm compatability with the protective treatment. Scumfrees Professional Window Cleaning Concentrate is specifically design to clean windows without damaging the Glass Defender protective treatment. Additionally, Scumfrees dries to a powder so that in the event that any material is left on the building, it will not not attract stain forming minerals or environmental contaminates. 

Scumfrees dries to a white powder that can be seen from from the ground to better help with quality control, and ensure window cleaning technicians are not allowing excessive amounts of material to remain on building surfaces. This forces window washers to do a better job at removing the window cleaning solution from the frames and other horizontal surfaces using towels or rags.
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    • Glass ReSurfacer® Final Polish: Effectively removes stage 1 and 2 corrosion, surface scratches, oxidation, erosion channels, mineral deposits, calcium stains, lime stains, efflorescence, soap scum, acidic graffiti, oils, everyday grime and buildup, etching, acid burns, acid rain and other flaws from architectural glass surfaces; designed for use with a motorized polisher, random orbital sander or white, synthetic, non-abrasive pad to produce a scratch-free and highly reflective finish on a wide variety of glass surfaces
    • Glass ReSurfacer® Stripper: Acid-based material used to remove heavy mineral staining prior to the use of Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish; a liquid stripper that should be applied with a cloth applicator only when absolutely necessary
    • EnviRestore® Glass Stain Remover: A restorative cream that removes stubborn stains from glass surfaces without the use of machinery; effectively removes stage 1 corrosion and many stains caused by soap scum, stone sealer overspray, caulking residue, mineral deposits, calcium stains, lime deposits, lime run, lime scale, oils, grease, oxidization, exhaust stains, GFRC leaching and more
    • Glass-Crete®: Safely removes concrete, mortar and other cement-type materials from architectural glass surfaces; complex polymer technology helps to preventing scratching


      • Glass Defender® HD: High-performance, invisible coating that protects glass from damaging elements and prevents scratching for up to 20 years
      • Glass Defender® MD: High-performance, invisible coating that protects glass from damaging elements and prevents scratching for up to 10 years
      • Glass Defender® Primer: Increases performance life of Glass Defender MD up to 10 years and Glass Defender HD up to 20 years